For Visitors


A standing exhibition “the 1940 Katyn Case, History and Now” takes place in the central pavilion of the main entrance of the memorial complex. There are films on show about the history of the Katyn Slaughter and the activities of the memorial. There are a large choice of ritual things, a lot of region-researching literature, and proper issues of the memorial: the Informer of Katyn Memorial, the Ways of Memory as well.

One can visit an exposition “1937 in the Country of Triumphing Socialism (from the History of Soviet Smolensk Region)”.

Excursion services in the territory of this memorial complex are rendered for tourist groups (to 25 people).

  • • The fee for students and pensioners is 400 rubles
  • • For adults – 600 rubles
  • • For mixed groups (adults and children) – 500 rubles
  • • For foreigners in English and in polish – 800 rubles

Excursions for single visitors – 400 rubles.

Excursions with transport services provided – 1200 rubles for high and elementary school students and orphans and 1400 rubles for the rest.

Exhibition with a visit of Smolensk North Airport, where a Polish government aircraft crashed – 1300 rubles for high and elementary school students and 1500 rubles for the rest.

Exhibition into Smolensk “Smolensk, the View from the Past” – 800 rubles.

The entrance fee for the Museum Exhibition Center:

  • • For the children, high school and elementary students, and higher school ones – 10 rubles
  • • For the adults – 30 rubles
  • • For foreigners – 50 rubles

The fee for taking photos and video images:

Exhibition” 1937 in the Country of Triumphing Socialism” – 50 rubles

Exhibition” the 1940 Katyn Case, History and Now” – 50 rubles

The employees of Katyn Memorial provide an interactive engagement “The Grandmother’s chest”, an ecological excursion “Hi, Forest!” for the elementary school students or preschool-age children, and lectures: “ The Church is something More than we”, “ A Journey in History” which are preliminary steps to understand the themes: “ the Roman and Greek Churches”, “ The Katyn Slaughter“ in high school.